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Frequently Asked Questions

A Same Day Twin is a person who is born on the same day and same year as you. They are exactly your age. You and your Same Day Twins are in an exclusive club that no other people on earth are in.
It depends on the year you were born and the country you were born in, but in America, there are about 11,000 people born each day. In 1970 there were about 7,000 people born each day. Worldwide, there are 325,000 people born each day.
A wombmate can be any user on the site. You can add any user to your wombmate list at anytime by going to their "Profile" and clicking on "Add To Wombmates" You can send messages, create groups, and live chat with wombmates.
Click on any profile of any user. When their profile is displayed, click on "Add To Wombmates" button and they will be added to your Wombmates list. When you are on the "Keepit" page, click on the + sign of any of the "People You Might Want To Know" area and they will be added to your Wombmates. If you only want to see their profile, click on their name.
Click on "My Twins" page. Click on "Dig Deeper". Check the boxes you like and then at the bottom of the page click on "Compare All Users" and all users will be displayed. The users you are most likely to have things in common with will be displayed first. Click on their "View Profile" button to learn about them and add them to your wombmate list.
Yes, We have new users registering every day. When someone registers who has your birthday, we will contact you by email. Be sure to check your spam box.
You can lookup any birthday of any year by scrolling down to the bottom of the page after you login. Enter any month, day, and year and then click on "Search"
Dig Deeper is a survey that remembers "what you like", "what you are good at" and "what you want to accomplish" in your lifetime. Your answers are compared to all other members answers on the site. We then tell you who your closest twins might be. No other user can see your answers and you cannot see any other users answers. You can change your answers any time by going to the "Dig Deeper" section of the "My Twins" page.
From the users "Profile" page, click on send message, enter the message and click on send. The user will be notified of your message and can message back to you.
There will be a small circle next you your profile image when you login to the site. This indicates that you have messages. Click on the circle of your "Messages" page and your messages will be displayed.
Click on the "Profile" page. Hover over your image and "Update Image" will appear. Click on Update Image and you can change or adjust your profile image.
Click on your "Profile" page. There are two ways to share info about yourself. First, hover over the "About Me" and click on "Edit". Here you can say something short and simple about yourself. Second, you can hover over the "Details" area. "Edit" will appear, click on edit and fill out the info, then click Save.
Click on the "Profile" page. Hover over the Wombmates area and "Edit" will appear. Click on Edit and you can remove wombmates and then save.
On the "Keepit" page, Click in the "Talk to the World" area. Write your message in the box and click on the image icon at the lower left of the box. Select a photo from your computer and then click "Submit". Give the system time to upload the image and then it will appear in your post.